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How to resize Widgets in CRM Dashboard

September 04, 2015

Ever since we have added the Widgets to our CRM dashboard, we have been trying to improve them even more. We have come up with a resizing feature, where you can simply change the size of any given widget that you are primarily using. Change them according to your needs, expand them horizontally, as well […]

Add/edit Employee in Web3Box

August 28, 2015

Employees are a vital part of any company and organization. The feature within the Web3Box CRM is not just for adding basic information about the employees, but a more complex interface with many other elements. In order to add a new employee, go to ‘My Company’, then ‘Manage Employees. Click on the ‘Add Employee’ tab […]

Employee File in Web3Box CRM

August 27, 2015

When we worked on our Web3Box Dashboard, the idea was to have a great overview of the company as a whole, that’s why we created the widgets. Everything is in one place, organized by importance, by You. Similarly, we have added the ‘Employee File’ button right there on the dashboard. Again, the idea was to […]

Lead/Project/Opportunity Funnels and Lead/Opportunity Sources

August 24, 2015

The video below features how we graphically display the most important and sensitive information of your company using widgets right here on your dashboard. Use the Funnel Management system tool to properly keep track of Leads, Opportunities and Projects within your company. There are 3 Funnel representations for Leads, Opportunities and Projects. There are also […]

Subscribers in Web3Box CRM

August 23, 2015

When you define a project, you are asked to choose a Project Manager. Then, when you post tasks, you are asked to assign the task to an employee. That means that you have two (2) people on your project, two people that will receive notifications for that task: comments, daily activity, reported hours, new documents, […]

Lead Funnel Management

August 21, 2015

Lead Funnel Management (LFM) helps your Sales people and your Sales managers to closely observe the sales process. When we talk about the sales process, we are talking about the flow of a Lead contacting the company, to the point when the Lead gets converted into a customer. Use the Lead Funnel Management system tool […]

Share lead in Web3Box CRM

August 18, 2015

Use the ‘Share’ function when you want to let other employees view and work with your Leads. This option is helpful if employees want to share the workload, or if someone has other information to add to the particular lead. They can quickly do this by following these easy steps. To access this function, go […]

Profile avatar in Web3Box CRM

August 17, 2015

Have a little fun with your CRM by adding an image or an avatar to your profile. A little bit of customization may just brighten your day! Just click on the box on the top of the page and choose if you would like to use an avatar. If you do, just browse through your […]

View Invoices under Customers

August 16, 2015

Our CRM combines different interfaces for a simple, yet detailed working system. There are only few simple steps to be able to check on a particular customer and see the issued invoices; also, you view and edit those invoices. To view your Customers’ orders, go to ‘Salesforce Automation’, then ‘Customers & Reports’. Select your Customer […]

Commissions in Web3Box CRM

August 13, 2015

Commissions are paid to employees for completing a particular task or a project. It is a great incentive to keep people motivated. Depending on the your company, whether commission is given after the salary is paid, or if the job is solely commission based, we have created an interface that makes paying these commissions a […]

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