How to report hours to an existing task

September 08, 2015

Once projects have been created and tasks have been assigned to them, people who are working on the tasks are responsible to report the hours for their work performed.


You can access all your tasks either from the widget on the dashboard, or from the ‘Project Management’ tab, going to ‘My Tasks’.


Find the tasks that you have been working on and press ‘Edit’.


Once you open the task, you see an overview of it. Start by adding a work description, this should be an explanation of the work done, then select the service type and the date. Apply the hours and press the add work button. This is done by the person who is actually doing the work for the task, not by someone else.


Now, after adding the hours, if you think you made a mistake, you can simply edit, or delete any of the records altogether.


Report the hours as you do the work for the tasks with Web3Box CRM.

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