Employee File in Web3Box CRM

August 27, 2015

When we worked on our Web3Box Dashboard, the idea was to have a great overview of the company as a whole, that’s why we created the widgets. Everything is in one place, organized by importance, by You.
Similarly, we have added the ‘Employee File’ button right there on the dashboard.

Again, the idea was to help managers have a summary of any particular employee, regarding any of the work they are, or have been performing.
Clicking on the tab will open the Employee File window.

In order see what a particular employee has done, just simply make a selection from the dropdown, on the top left, then press ‘Run’.

The filter is set up to run a report for the timeframe you selected for all the activities, which are leads, clients, projects, tasks and opportunities. When the information is displayed, it gives various detail about each individual category.

Now, if you would like to additionally filter your search, just uncheck the records you don’t need and the page will automatically update and gets rid of the unwanted selection.

Once you are satisfied with all the information, you may download it for your records. Just press the ‘Download’ button on the bottom right.

The downloaded PDF file will look like this, which of course then can be saved to any device.

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