The process of converting quotes into invoices

July 03, 2016

What would be your ideal way to send quotes and invoices to your customers?


Imagine that you have leads and customers asking you to prepare quotes for various services your company provides. You may find yourself in a situation where you have lots of quotes and are forced to take them one by one and create invoices. Moreover, if your quotes contain lots of lines, the whole process will be impeded.

By using W3B Management Solutions, the process is unmatched. The CRM/Sales and the Online Invoices Modules are linked with one another and you are able to automatically generate invoices based on your approved quotes.

The process works in 2 steps. The first step is comprised of creating the quote, while the second transforms said quote into an invoice, which can later be sent out and you get paid.

Step 1

In this step you can add your quote lines, give the quote a name, choose the taxes, as well as the currency you are working with. The taxes are also administered by our system, allowing you to customise your taxes depending on your location (state or country).


View/Edit Quote View/Edit Quote


Step 2

After finalising step 1, by clicking “Create Invoice” the quote will automatically be moved to Invoiced status and a new invoice will be created.


Create Invoice from Quote Create Invoice from Quote

Now, as we all know, the customer may request changes, even after you have sent out the invoice. We thought about it. You can, when need, change the quote lines, products, and prices. You will make all those changes within the Quote and the changes will be automatically pulled into the associated invoice.

Below you have an example of an invoice, after it has been converted from a quote. By clicking “Edit Quote” you will be redirected to the associated quote where you are able to make the necessary modifications.

Furthermore, if you decide to start all over again, you can delete the associated invoice and the process goes back to the original quote.

Online Invoice Online Invoice

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