Lead/Project/Opportunity Funnels and Lead/Opportunity Sources

August 24, 2015

The video below features how we graphically display the most important and sensitive information of your company using widgets right here on your dashboard. Use the Funnel Management system tool to properly keep track of Leads, Opportunities and Projects within your company.

There are 3 Funnel representations for Leads, Opportunities and Projects.

There are also 2 others with source information for Leads and Opportunities.

When you click on a line for the Leads funnel, you get the name of the lead and the company name.

The Opportunity funnel shows the name and the amount.

The Project one shows the project name, type, due date and the customer’s name.

In the Lead source widget you can see where the Lead came from and the Opportunity source shows where the Opportunities came from.

All this is to help you have a quick view of statuses and sources for your Leads, Opportunities and Projects.

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