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October 08, 2016

W3B Customizations

W3B Management Solution is willing to provide customizations based on your company needs. Those customizations are free, we will then offer to our clients as add value to our product!

Custom Fields / ability to add “drop down list” (select)

W3b offers unlimited custom fields for Contacts, Leads, and Clients. Since each company has some unique fields for storing information we decided to let you define as many fields as they need, let you set the order of the fields, and the default display into the listings.
One of our valuable customers, asked for a new type of custom field, a dropdown/select that permits multiple entries. That was custom work that we did and it added value to our product.
We developed this feature and it is now available for everyone. You will find this under Optional Fields section.

Custom fields

Custom fields display


Task statuses / ability to reorder

We just added the option to set an order for the task statuses. You can type numbers from 1 to N.
Statuses are visible in the View and Edit task screens.

Task status

Opportunities / Subscribers

When you add a new opportunity, that information is visible for you and for the other UP in the hierarchy. In other words for you and for your supervisors. However, it looks like for some of the opportunities you have to work together with your colleagues. To solve the problem, we decided to customize the page by adding the option of add subscribers to the opportunities. Those subscribers will be able to team up with you and collaborate/contribute with their work.

For example, if George added an opportunity and he wants to share it with Sarah, George will click Subscribers and check the box for Sarah. Then Sarah will be able to view and work with that opportunity. See below screen:

Add subscribers to opportunities


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