Project Life Cycle

September 28, 2016

You need to know how long the average project takes from start to finish? Reducing the start/end period will make you customers happy!

The objective is to have access to data that helps reduce project length by optimizing various aspects of the Project Life Cycle with your team.

PLC Report

Report description (see the screen below):
At the top you will find the data filters where we set the default interval to 1 year. The Next filter is for statuses you’ve defined for projects.
The “All Projects” state will show both active and inactive projects.

Since you will talk with your project managers about the project duration, we added a filter for them. If you want to only list projects where the manager is John B. you can do that using the managers’ dropdown.

Set your goal and the report will show two numbers: average project cycle and average project cost. These are two important factors that will help you to decide if the average project life needs improvement.

Project Life Cycle report

If you find this feature useful for your organization, please send us an email at and we will activate the application.

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