Add comments to a task

September 09, 2015

As the work is being performed for the tasks, employees may have questions, comments regarding them. The same interface where you add your hours to a task, is where you can notify the person who manages the project with any concerns you may have.

Find the task and press ‘Edit’.

On this page, this task can be edited, hours can be added, as well as documents, expenses. Post comments, questions regarding this task, also you can select to additionally notify the manager and/or employee when you add comments, by checking the  appropriate boxes. Now, many times you want to have other company employees subscribed to the task in order for them to receive the notifications as well.

You can do that by using theSubscribers feature.

After you post comments, again if the boxes were checked for notifications then emails will be sent to the personnel. This is also helpful for proper record keeping.

This is how you edit and post questions to tasks with your Web3Box CRM.

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