The W3B Story

W3B Management Solutions

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a tool that gives customers the ability to manage every aspect of their business. Through honest and open communication we strive to maintain close relations with our customers.

One stop solution

Hand crafted by Web3Box Software LLC, W3B is the one stop solution for companies in need of CRM, Project Management and Online Invoicing systems. Instead of working, syncing and maintaining three separate solutions, W3B offers all three in one one, easy to manage place.

Web3Box Software

Web3Box Software is a company that creates custom web software solutions since 2002. Starting from websites and ending with complex medical software, we do web development using the latest technologies. Those years of hard work have consolidated our team and have given us the much needed experience and expertise to be able to take on any enterprise level project.

The idea of having a software to solve all managing aspects of the company started in 2007, when, like many other companies, we had a software solution for customer management, one for managing projects and one for invoicing. When time came to merge that data into useful management reports, nothing worked, and when it eventually did, it just wasn’t what we needed.

For the next three years we did nothing but code our solution and test it. Our company is pretty complex, with offices and employees spanning on two continents, the services and products we provide satisfying customers in both US and Europe. So, naturally, we figured that if this solution will work for us, it will surely work for any other company out there.

Customer relationship management, Project management and Online invoicing

We started off by creating the CRM/Sales module, be it at an incipient stage. The next step was to build the Project Management. And because we figured out that the PM module had great potential, we ended up merging these two products. Shortly after, we developed the Online Invoicing tool, that was linked to both the CRM/Sales and PM systems, because we needed to generate invoices for both the customers as well as the subcontractors.

We have the upper hand in this market due to the fact that we actually customize the solution to our clients’ needs. Since the product is tailored to them, when you listen to what our customers have to say, you actually learn a great deal about what the market actually needs and the path that the industry is following, thus helping you decide which way your product should go.

In 2011, though our solution was still in beta stage, we decided to offer it for free to our own software clients. For the next couple of years we managed to implement W3B Solutions in several companies from different industries, and based on that, we were able to personalize the software to a much higher degree than before and add features to it that our customers found useful.

Through this page, we want to send a big “Thank you!” to our collaborators and to all of the people we temporarily hired to help us gain more knowledge into Sales, PM and Accounting. Even though they were not part of our team, they became our consultants, therefore part of the awesome Web3Box Software team.

W3B Management Solutions

In 2015 we named our software “W3B Management Solutions”, and made it live and readily available for the general public. To this day, we continue to do the one thing that we always have: offer a secure place for your data, improve our product and grant amazing support.

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