Employee Feed

October 13, 2015

Keeping track of employee performance has just been made easier in the CRM.
We introduced a new feature, called Employee Feed. It records daily activities of any employee that logs into the CRM.

All this is to help the managers review what their employees have done throughout the day. There are no settings button, everything is tracked automatically.


You can find the feed on top of the screen, you see the small green icon from above image.

When the feed window is open, it displays all the records with the date and the time, the most recent ones being on top. This is how a manager can analyze the work performed, daily.

When the top icon is black, you are looking at all the records of all employees. When clicking on a name, only the records done by that employee will be visible.

You may also search for a particular employee in the search bar above.


Notice the color for the Feed icon is now green, meaning we are viewing one employee’s records only. The screen also details on a calendar to see how many actions were taken on a particular day, in any given month.

This is Web3Box CRM Employee Feed feature.

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