Importing your Leads is made easy with your Web3Box CRM

May 30, 2015

Don’t be afraid of having an huge amount of leads, you can easy import them in our CRM.   The video below gives you step by step instructions on how to do the import.

     If you are a company that handles a few to a few hundred (even thousands) of leads, rather than manually entering each and every one of them, simply click on the Import icon and start the [short] process.

This is an intuitive import of a CSV file and will be done just in few steps! Even you did a mistake in the process you can quick revert and re import the list.

Import Leads from CSV file

Import Leads from CSV file

1) The first (recommended) step is to download a template; your CSV files may be setup differently than what is required by the interface, since the header of the files should not contain any data.

2) Make your associations from the dropdown menus. This option is to help you import only the information you need about the leads.

Import Leads - Associate fields

Import Leads – Associate fields

3) We have added 3 very important features for the importing process. On this screen you can ‘Assign Managers based on Territory rules’. With this feature all Managers will be assigned the appropriate Leads based on their territory. Again, this is to help you do a lot of work with only one click, instead of assigning them individually.

Additionally, there is also an option to ‘Notify the assigned Managers’ by email of the newly added Leads. You do not have to call them, or go to another screen to email them, you can do it right here.
Another option here is to group your contacts into “Contact Lists’. This way you will be able to send email campaigns to a list of contacts, rather than individually selecting them.

Now, if you think you made a mistake and want to delete the leads you have added, you will just simply click on the import icon again and select the list, then press delete.

Import Leads - View & Delete imported files

Import Leads – View & Delete imported files

It’s that simple!

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