Timekeeping with Web3Box CRM

August 12, 2015

We have added a brand new feature to the CRM, called Timekeeping. Employees are now able to check in and out when they login to the CRM.

In order to make sure the hours will be logged correctly, the manager and/or administrator of the company has to set the correct timezone.
This can be done under ‘Global Configuration’, under the ‘Timezone’ tab.


Simply select the correct one from the dropdown, depending where you are located, then press save.
A widget has also been developed that one can access on the dashboard. Just like the other widgets, the manager can make it visible, or invisible to all, or visible to a certain group.

When an employee logs in, simply will click on the ‘Start My Work’ button within the widget and it will track the hours worked.

At the end, when the employee is done for the day, pressing the ‘Stop My Work’ button will close off that workshift. If the employee forgets to push the ‘Stop My Work’ button, the system will automatically close that shift at the time that was defined as the end of that work shift.
Now all this relates to the individual employees. As mentioned before, the Manager and/or Administrator in the company should set the timezone for their company first, then additionally if there is a schedule prepared for the particular week, the hours can be added to all employees.
This can be done in the ‘Manage Employees’ section, under the ‘My Company’ tab.

Select the employee and press ‘edit’.

Click on the ‘Timekeeping‘ button to select the hours for this employee. When a start time is selected, the window will automatically assign 8 hours for that day. Of course this can be changed in the same window, by selecting a different finish time.

Additionally, in the ‘Timekeeping’ section, under ‘My Company’, changes can be made for employees after the work shift has ended. Reports can be run for different periods of time, and the hours can be saved and exported by clicking on the download button.

Use the Timekeeping widget with your Web3Box CRM!

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