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January 20, 2017

Page Reviewed / Updated – April 2017

CRM Sales helps your team to record their daily notes. CRM sales is the W3B crm main crm module. Any time when a rep visits or meets someone, the notes from that meeting have to go into the crm. Running a successful business implies having to interact with existing or prospective clients and recording such interactions in order to create a history and have a timeline of communication.

Once a company representative meets with or communicates in any way with a client, that interaction is recorded as a visit. Then the employee can add notes referring to the visit. This serves as future reference for both the employee, be it the same or another, as well as the project manager, so that everyone involved knows the details of the visit.
Adding notes also functions as a tool to monitor the employee and ensure that said employee actually does the job.

How to add notes into the crm sales module

Within the CRM Sales module, in either the “Leads” or “Customers” subsection you go to the Add/Edit page, and at the very bottom of the page you find the notes column. You can then add a note, define if it is from an initial or subsequent visit and edit the details of the visit. The notes form the visits will appear in order, with the latest visit listed at the top.

Store notes into crm sales

CRM Notes, one of the best report when is about Reps activity!

In the “Leads” or “Customers” pages you will find the Notes Report icon, at the right of the page, which will open a different window, displaying the results.
You will notice the first option is the date when the report was sent. Then you can choose an employee from which you want to receive the notes. Email report to is where you will type your email, or whoever wants to receive the report. Next is to choose the period, like today or a time interval.

After filters are set, the content of the report contains Name, Location, Date, and Notes. Name is the name the visited client. Locations is the client address. Date is when the note was posted. Then the Notes is the field you were looking for, Notes contains what exactly was the meeting about.

Notes Report

Having the facility to add detailed notes after a client visit guarantees you can pick up right where you left off with a client.

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