Commissions in Web3Box CRM

August 13, 2015

Commissions are paid to employees for completing a particular task or a project. It is a great incentive to keep people motivated.
Depending on the your company, whether commission is given after the salary is paid, or if the job is solely commission based, we have created an interface that makes paying these commissions a simple task.

First, commissions have to be defined per each customer and has to be attached to the right sales person. Commission and commission rules also have to be defined.

To define Commissions, navigate to ‘My Company’ from your dashboard.

Select your company and press ‘edit’.

Toward the bottom of the page is where you will define the commission(s). Click on the ‘Commission Types’ tab.

Type a name for the commission to be added and press the ‘plus’ icon. After this, you have to set ‘Commission Rules’.

When you choose a commission you have predefined, it will show up on the listing on the right. Here you can edit or just delete it.

Additionally, you may change the amount for any of the commission types, whether if it’s a percentage, or a range amount. When the amounts are changed for the commission, they will take effect once the ‘Save’ button is pressed. Anything prior to this change was paid that amount, all future commissions will be paid the new amount.

Web3Box CRM makes this task easy for managers to perform.

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