A good combined CRM and Project Management system

April 15, 2016

Before I get into it, I will say that I’m working at W3B CRM, so my opinion is biased. W3B CRM is a one-stop solution for all your management needs and, from the moment you begin collaborating with us, we will customize everything according to your needs. Over time, we want to offer even more, by adding new features as well as by offering amazing support.

Our W3B CRM has three main sections: CRM/Sales, PM (Project Management) and Online Invoicing and they are so well interlinked, that you don’t realize that they actually are separate sections. You will be able to manage leads, turn them into customers and manage your work by setting up projects and tasks, track work, close projects and generate invoices within the same software. You will not need any other third party software anymore as you have all the necessary software in one place, our W3B CRM.

Let me break it down real quick: within the CRM/Sales module you have, as expected, “Contacts”, “Leads”, “Customers”, “Opportunities” as well as “Territories”, “Quotes” and “Products” and you are able to generate reports based on each of these categories. You can also filter listings and sort them however it suits your needs.

The Project Management module encompasses all the aspects of project management into one neatly crafted system. You can set up milestones and tasks so you always know what is going on and what needs to be done next. Another neat feature is viewing the progress of all your projects, milestones or tasks on a Gantt chart system. Yes, we make the data easy to understand, not just spread it on the page.

The third module, Online Invoicing, does just what the name suggests: it generates invoices for the work on your projects, invoices that you can send out to your clients directly from the software itself.

W3B CRM really does come full circle when it comes to managing your business and it’s there for you from the very beginning of a project to the very end without having to rely on integration with other systems to get the job done.

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