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W3B Project Management Overview

July 07, 2016

W3B Management Solutions offers you a fully comprehensive and customizable business system. It includes three business modules: CRM/Sales, Project Management and Online Invoicing. Project Management section is a full circle business system that integrates customers, projects, tasks and invoicing among many other details and aspects.     First screen that you will see after login […]

The process of converting quotes into invoices

July 03, 2016

What would be your ideal way to send quotes and invoices to your customers? Imagine that you have leads and customers asking you to prepare quotes for various services your company provides. You may find yourself in a situation where you have lots of quotes and are forced to take them one by one and create […]

A good combined CRM and Project Management system

April 15, 2016

Before I get into it, I will say that I’m working at W3B CRM, so my opinion is biased. W3B CRM is a one-stop solution for all your management needs and, from the moment you begin collaborating with us, we will customize everything according to your needs. Over time, we want to offer even more, […]

Web3Box CRM – Google Calendar synchronization

December 17, 2015

We just added a new feature in the CRM Calendar (SFA -> Calendar) – synchronization with Google Calendar. There are few easy steps to have this set and is supposed that you already have set a Google account. Once you decide to synchronize your Google Calendar activities with Web3Box CRM, you have just few steps […]

Apply and modify Activity Sets

November 04, 2015

An activity set is a template for a group of activities that can be applied to a Lead, Customer, or Opportunity. Activity template setup depends on Your company, Your standards, meaning the steps you take with your Leads, or with your particular process. The ‘Global Configuration’ interface is where you can create your own activity […]

Customize widgets by User

October 30, 2015

Customizing widgets is now made available for any user that logs into the CRM. Customizing the widgets means: resizing and setting the order for them on the dashboard. Before, managers or administrators had to set the order of the widgets for the employees. Now, the employees can do this themselves, providing more freedom to organize […]

Employee Feed

October 13, 2015

Keeping track of employee performance has just been made easier in the CRM. We introduced a new feature, called Employee Feed. It records daily activities of any employee that logs into the CRM. All this is to help the managers review what their employees have done throughout the day. There are no settings button, everything […]

Add comments to a task

September 09, 2015

As the work is being performed for the tasks, employees may have questions, comments regarding them. The same interface where you add your hours to a task, is where you can notify the person who manages the project with any concerns you may have. Find the task and press ‘Edit’. On this page, this task […]

How to report hours to an existing task

September 08, 2015

Once projects have been created and tasks have been assigned to them, people who are working on the tasks are responsible to report the hours for their work performed.   You can access all your tasks either from the widget on the dashboard, or from the ‘Project Management’ tab, going to ‘My Tasks’.   Find […]

Activities in Web3Box CRM

September 07, 2015

If you are a new user in the CRM and haven’t established a clientele just yet, a simple way to remind yourself about following up with your contacts, is to set alerts. A real quick and easy way to do that is to create activities. You can do that right on your dashboard, in the […]

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