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November 15, 2016

Keeping in touch with clients should be a priority for all companies, since without them they wouldn’t exist. Maintaining a good relationship with clients might seem obvious, however if there are dozens or more of them, keeping in touch will become time consuming and a hassle.

Here, at W3B Management Solutions we take pride in preserving long standing relationships with our clients. That is why we listen to them and work closely with them, especially if they have suggestions that would make our company perform even more efficiently.

Automation in general becomes a natural part of communication in any company, big or small.
If your company works with Leads and Customers, most likely and hopefully you check in with them to make sure everything is going as planned. When you have many leads, then our Automated newsletter communication setup will help you quite a bit.

The idea is to create predefined newsletters (templates) that can automatically be sent out when a particular status is changed within the CRM. Looks and sounds real simple, right? Well, that’s because it is. It is only a two-step process, but let’s explain this through an actual example.

Lions Travel Agency manually sends out ad emails. They are a fairly large agency with several office locations. In the past, every time they received a lead/prospect, they sent them a ‘Thank you’ email. Looks like great customer service to me.

Now, the company since then has expanded, so this became quite a job to fulfill. More and more potential customers asked about pricing, booking and additional fees besides travel costs. To streamline their process, they started to use our CRM, to organize these Leads and send them emails automatically.

The way the automation works for them now is once a Lead is added to the CRM, a ‘Welcome’ letter is sent out. That is the first step. They setup a template for the different stages of their process, so each time the status is changed, these emails, or letters are sent to the leads.

For example, after 72 hours a second letter will be sent out as a reminder. Then, if the lead is moved to a new status such as “proposal”, a letter with the proposal will be sent out. Then, if the lead accepts the proposal there will be a new status like “contract to be sent” and the contract letter will be sent out.

For each status you can define one or more letters to be sent out at different time intervals.

Creating and setting up an automatic letter is an easy 2 step process: create your letters and assign the letters to the lead statuses.

Select Newsletters & Campaign from the top menu and start writing your letters.

Newsletter & Campaign


In this example, we created the thank you letter, a reminder letter, an identical letter but with some more verbiage in case the lead doesn’t respond to the first one, a third letter with the proposal, next a letter for the contract, and finally the welcome letter. See below:



Now we have the letters and we will assign them to the statuses. We named the statuses a lead goes through like Added, Proposal, Contract, Won.

Then we will assign the letters the following way:
Added – when the lead arrives in the crm, via the Intake form, will automatically be set in this status, so we send out the thank you letter. If there’s no answer, we will send the second letter as a reminder.

Proposal – if the lead replies, or we get in contact with, the status will be changed to ‘Proposal’ and we will set the proposal letter to be sent.

Contract – if we move forward and the client wants to sign the contract, we will change the status to ‘Contract’ and the corresponding letter will be automatically sent out.

Won – finally, when we have the contract signed, we will change the status to ‘Won’ and the welcome letter will be sent.

Note below how to make the associations between letters and statuses:

Edit Statuses


This is all to help save time for you and your company, to better serve your leads and customers and to create and maintain a long lasting relationship with them.

As always, W3B Management Solutions is there to help you on the way to further success!

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