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December 02, 2016

Intro / Project management with client access

Creating access for your clients

Client dashboard



From a logistical standpoint, having clients implies being aware of said clients’ needs and achieving and exceeding their expectation, on a regular basis. The client is, understandably, an essential part in the process of production and, thus, needs to be aware of the project’s progression.

For years, this briefing has been done via meetings or phone calls, requiring planning ahead for both client and company, in order to ensure everything is going according to plan.

And while this is not necessarily an issue in most cases, it can become an inconvenience.

With that in mind, we have developed a solution that allows the client to ‘drop in’ and check on the status of their project without ever having to contact anyone else.

Client Access enables the client to log in straight into our CRM and review a particular project or task and assess the state of completion, all while utilising an intuitive, user friendly interface.

Because, by this time, your team already documents everything into the CRM, the client will not require any additional software, and will receive login credentials over email, once they are added.

Afterwards, they can track the progress on specific projects as well as view the work hours put in on certain tasks and, as progress unfolds, they receive notifications when the staff comment on various tasks, so they always know what is going on.

Some of the advantages Client Access offers are:

– There is no need for additional software
– The intuitive interface is easy to use
– The login process is easy
– Your client can track the progress at any moment
– The transparency you are offering your client will strengthen their trust in you

Client Access gives your customer the freedom to check in on their project, as well as the confidence that the project will be finalized.

You can provide access to your clients today with the help of W3B Management Solutions.

Creating access for your clients

Providing your clients access helps to clarify the issues they may have concerning the progress of a particular task or project.

Setting this up is a two-part process: first you need to create a new user and assign them to their respective project(s), in the Project Management section of the CRM, under Projects.

Client access

You go to the Add/Edit page and select the Client Access icon.

Client Access

That will result in a pop-up window emerging. This contains a basic form that needs to be filled out, and someone already working on the project and/or task can add either an existing client or a new one.

After typing the name, you press the ‘plus’ icon to add the client, bearing in mind that the email address associated with the client has to be unique and not already associated with a project or task.

All of the client listings you add can be further edited, removed from projects, set inactive in the CRM, or deleted.

Client Access

As soon as a new client listing is added, an email is sent out containing credentials such as username and password, required to log in. Once the client logs in they can see the state of their projects. In the event a client has multiple projects proceeding at the same time, they can be assigned to all of them.

Client Access

The key part is that Client Access allows the client the freedom to log in at any time and assess the progress, strengthening the trust between client and company.

Client dashboard

Once a client has received the login credentials for the CRM, all they have to do is follow the link and enter the provided information (username and password).

Client access

The Client dashboard offers an overview of the projects and tasks associated with a particular client. The client has limited capabilities in respect to the functions of the CRM, but is able to see what was performed or use the filters to find a particular task or project.

Client access

The client can leave comments or feedback by clicking on a specific task and writing in the respective column.

Client access

After posting a comment, the client can still edit or delete it, and, just like in the full CRM, everything is timestamped and the client can also annex additional projects and tasks whenever they chose to do so.

All this gives a better understanding of the processes and work involved in completing a project and allows for a easier communication between company and client.

As always, W3B Management Solutions is here to help guide you through the process.

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