Attach/upload documents to Projects or Tasks

May 01, 2015

Let’s talk a bit about uploading documents for Projects and/or Tasks.

For example, we have a project “Project A” and two tasks “Task A”, “Task B”. Project “A” is attached to a Customer and the Customer sent us some files such as invoices, project details, images, etc. These documents are supposed to be shared with the Project Manager and/or with the employees assigned to the tasks.

There are two ways of sharing documents under the Project Management module. You may share a document with the project team (whoever is assigned to that specific project) or you may share the document only with one individual employee that works on a specific task. I will explain and show both options:

  • Sharing a document under Project Management / Project Resources tab.

For example, the client sent a document “Storyboard” with the entire project storyboard. Such a document must be shared with everyone involved in the project execution.
You will do that from the Edit Project page, where the Project Resources section is (see below image).

Project Management Upload File

Project Management Upload File

For the employees associated with the project, this document will be visible under each of the project tasks. See image below, is under Project Details together with other project details.

 PM – View uploaded files

PM – View uploaded files

  • Sharing a document under My Task / Edit Task / “Link an Object”

For example, if we have a task like “Upload FB header for company page” where we have to upload an image on FB, this one is a document only needed for that particular task. It is only for a task and only one employee needs it (the one assigned to the task). The image below shows where the upload is.

File Uploaded Under a Task

File Uploaded Under a Task

I wanted to write about these two actions, since there are differences between uploading a document under a project and uploading it under a specific task.

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