CRM Login – Log into multiple instances with the same email

February 28, 2017

Page Reviewed / Updated – April 2017

This crm login update will let a user log into more than one CRM instances with the same Email and password.

Where is this crm login feature useful?

It’s useful for people who want to access more than one instance. Let’s say your company has 2 locations and you want to register each location as an independent business with independent crm access. In a case like that, you can add your youself under both crm instances, like and When you login, you will be prompted to choose the location.

See below how the screen looks after authentication:

W3B CRM Login

This feature is only available for the desktop version. For mobile version you will only have access to the crm instance.

How can I edit my login to access more than one crm instance?

In a case where you already have 2 W3B instances and you are using two different emails, simple edit one of them by typing the email you want to be shared and then the password. Save the change and is done.

See the edit screen below:

Set Your W3B Login

CRm/Sales, PM, and INVOICES modules accessible based on your crm login

The Administrator has an option to choose from the three modules mentioned above. Depending of what your role is in the organizations, you may get access to the sales, tasks & projects, or to the accounting module. If you are high into the company hierarchy, you may get access to a combinations of the tree crm modules, or to all.

See an example with a user having access to Project Management and Invoice Automations.

W3B CRM Modules

That is how easy you will set the access for your employee when you use W3B Management Solution as for your CRM system.

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