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August 21, 2015

Lead Funnel Management (LFM) helps your Sales people and your Sales managers to closely observe the sales process. When we talk about the sales process, we are talking about the flow of a Lead contacting the company, to the point when the Lead gets converted into a customer.
Use the Lead Funnel Management system tool to properly keep track of Leads, Customers and/or Sales within your company.

leads funnel

The initial phase of the sales process is people interested in the goods and services of the company, that is why the Leads funnel is widest at the top.

If Leads/Customers show signs of ‘buying’, by having a clear and concise section for each part of the Funnel, areas can be easily accessed and assessed. These parts will explained in steps; once the funnel is set up, it will provide an outline for Management to analyze the status of any Lead, for any given time.
To analyze how your company does with the selling process you have to look over the Lead Funnel Management (LFM). For a better view and good analysis results, the following steps are mandatory for the LFM:

Step 1 – define lead statuses (under the Settings top menu). For example, you will set statuses such as Assigned, Made Contact, Provide Quotation, Pending Quotation Response, Verbal Commitment, Signed Contract, Receive Deposit and Shipped Order. It’s an example, but it shows the entire selling process from the day the lead comes in, to the day when you get paid and the order is shipped.
Once you have all statuses defined, be sure you use them! Meaning, change the lead status any time when needed.

funnel management order

Step 2 – define your statuses order in the selling process (under the settings top menu or under LFM by clicking on the Settings button). Defining the order means that you will set values from 1 to n, when 1 is the first action you take with a lead (Added) and n is the last status that represents a sale for you (Contract signed).

CRM leads funnel
At this point (once you have Leads), you defined the statuses and you set the order; you can go to the Lead Funnel Management screen and start to analyze your selling process.


Accessing Lead Funnel Management (LFM):

Select the SFA (Sales Force Automation) tab on the menu and open Leads & Reports. On the left side of the screen click on Reports which will take you to the Funnel Management page.

SFA leads reports

The default setup of viewing the LFM is All Managers for a period of 6 months. If you want to filter a particular employee hit the arrow button, choose the option you want then press Generate on the Top right hand side.

For each option (employee) you can further select the Date Start as well as the Date End in order to narrow down the search.


Below the All Managers tab is a section generated from the Funnel which tells you the Total Leads, Inactive Leads (unqualified/incomplete) and Net Inquiries.

  • Total Leads – total Leads number for the selected Managers and for the selected period of time.
  • Inactive Leads – count of all Leads marked as Inactive.
  • Net inquiries – difference between Total Leads and Inactive Leads.

total leads

Lead Funnel Management screen explanations:

Top section contains the Filters and the Setup buttons.
First filter is “All Managers”. A manager is the employee who is responsible for the lead. You delegate them per lead into the “Edit lead’ screen.
Second filter is for defining a period of time you want to analyze. You may analyze the activity a year ago, a certain month and the current year in the same month.
Below results (after filter is applied by pressing Generate button) reflect the filters. The lead will be assigned to the selected manager(s) and the lead will be added into the selected time period.

As an example, for the period of time, if a Lead is added in January and your filter start date is February, the lead added in January will not come up in the LFM listing or the LFM graph.

crm lead management

You may export all Data to a CSV file. You have the option of choosing to export the Current Page, All Pages or Selected Pages from the dropdown menu.

CRM leads

The above instructions are key to maintaining the process of Sales in the Lead Funnel Management within your Web3Box CRM.

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