How to resize Widgets in CRM Dashboard

September 04, 2015

Ever since we have added the Widgets to our CRM dashboard, we have been trying to improve them even more. We have come up with a resizing feature, where you can simply change the size of any given widget that you are primarily using.

Change them according to your needs, expand them horizontally, as well as vertically.

Notice the arrows for the widgets on the top right corner.

Two colors are present. When the arrow is black, it means you can make the widget bigger (expand it), however if the arrow is blue, that means you can make it smaller (shrink it).

Simply go to your dashboard and click on the arrows to see how it works.

By default, the widgets will always be square shaped, when logging in to your account.

Test it out, have some fun with it and as always, enjoy this and the other features of Web3Box CRM!

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