Subscribers in Web3Box CRM

August 23, 2015

When you define a project, you are asked to choose a Project Manager. Then, when you post tasks, you are asked to assign the task to an employee.

That means that you have two (2) people on your project, two people that will receive notifications for that task: comments, daily activity, reported hours, new documents, etc.

Now, many times you want to have other company employees subscribed to the task in order for them to receive the notifications.
You can do that by using the ‘Subscriber’ feature under Edit Task screen.

To add a subscriber to a particular task, you can either navigate to ‘Project Management’ then ‘My Tasks’, or just simply click on the ‘View all’ tasks option right here on your Dashboard.
CRM subscription
Select one and press ‘edit’.
crm tasks
In the notification section, we have added the ‘Subscriber’ feature. At the moment, there are no subscribers to this task.
crm subscribers
To add subscribers, click on the link and make your selections.
crm subscribers list
When you are done, press save.
Notice the ‘Subscriber’ icon color has changed and the subscribers now appear.
crm subscribers
Now, if there are any changes to this task, these subscribers will be notified.

Take advantage with this brand new feature when you are working with your Web3Box CRM.

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