Add/edit Employee in Web3Box

August 28, 2015

Employees are a vital part of any company and organization. The feature within the Web3Box CRM is not just for adding basic information about the employees, but a more complex interface with many other elements.

In order to add a new employee, go to ‘My Company’, then ‘Manage Employees.

Click on the ‘Add Employee’ tab to create a new entry. Fill out the required fields, marked with an asterisk for your convenience.

Additional fields are also recommended to be filled out, in order to have a better overview of the employee.
If the employee is eligible for commissions, you may check the box toward the bottom of the page. Of course, if this is a new employee, you may not know the eligibility for commissions and/or bonuses, however this can be changed later on.

Use the Timekeeping section to check the employee in for the workshift on this same page.

Before saving, assign the employee to a certain group.

Add and edit the employee(s), as well as add custom fields, based on your company’s needs.

All this and more can be found in your Web3Box CRM.

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