PM Client dashboard

December 06, 2016

Client dashboard

Once a client has received the login credentials for the CRM, all they have to do is follow the link and enter the provided information (username and password).

Client access

The Client dashboard offers an overview of the projects and tasks associated with a particular client. The client has limited capabilities in respect to the functions of the CRM, but is able to see what was performed or use the filters to find a particular task or project.

Client access

The client can leave comments or feedback by clicking on a specific task and writing in the respective column.

Client access

After posting a comment, the client can still edit or delete it, and, just like in the full CRM, everything is timestamped and the client can also annex additional projects and tasks whenever they chose to do so.

All this gives a better understanding of the processes and work involved in completing a project and allows for a easier communication between company and client.

As always, W3B Management Solutions is here to help guide you through the process.

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