Apply and modify Activity Sets

November 04, 2015

An activity set is a template for a group of activities that can be applied to a Lead, Customer, or Opportunity.

Activity template setup depends on Your company, Your standards, meaning the steps you take with your Leads, or with your particular process.
The ‘Global Configuration’ interface is where you can create your own activity sets.

We named the steps ‘touch’, to represent different actions. Rather than entering each activity every time, you will just simply apply the template.

To add this template to a Lead for example, just select one from your list and press ‘edit’.

Toward the bottom of the page is where you can select your activity set from the dropdown, apply it by pressing save.

This example shows, that each activity is five days apart. The second activity (touch) will be created five days from the date the activity set was created.
If you define an activity set per company, that can be used by each employee, furthermore you can also define individual activity sets for each employee, which can all be deleted, if no longer needed.
Now, let’s say we need to make a change to one of the predefined touches, because of a scheduling issue. For example, if the second touch is to follow up with the lead, but they are out of reach on that particular day, simply change the date.

Regardless how many touches you have, it would be extremely time consuming to change all subsequent dates. When you make that change for the second touch, all others will be changed accordingly. No need to modify any of the touches anymore.
We made it real simple to use, just like the rest of Web3Box CRM.

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