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W3B Project Management Overview

July 07, 2016

W3B Management Solutions offers you a fully comprehensive and customizable business system. It includes three business modules: CRM/Sales, Project Management and Online Invoicing. Project Management section is a full circle business system that integrates customers, projects, tasks and invoicing among many other details and aspects.     First screen that you will see after login […]

How to report hours to an existing task

September 08, 2015

Once projects have been created and tasks have been assigned to them, people who are working on the tasks are responsible to report the hours for their work performed.   You can access all your tasks either from the widget on the dashboard, or from the ‘Project Management’ tab, going to ‘My Tasks’.   Find […]

Projects Funnel and Projects Widget

June 24, 2015

Let’s discuss all the information you can get from the My Projects funnel and Widget and how you can manage any aspect of both of them without leaving your dashboard. To help you better understand, watch the video below: When you click on a stage in the funnel, you’ll see the Project name, type, due […]

Overview of the Project Management section of the Web3Box CRM

May 29, 2015

In this video & article we go over the entire project management system. We will showcase how to: 1) Add Projects 2) Add Tasks 3) Create Invoices for Tasks 4) Submit Invoices for Tasks 5) Send Invoices for Projects First, go to Project Management and My projects. This is where you’ll find all open projects. […]

Attach/upload documents to Projects or Tasks

May 01, 2015

Let’s talk a bit about uploading documents for Projects and/or Tasks. For example, we have a project “Project A” and two tasks “Task A”, “Task B”. Project “A” is attached to a Customer and the Customer sent us some files such as invoices, project details, images, etc. These documents are supposed to be shared with […]

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