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CRM tutorials within Web3Box’s Video Library

June 27, 2015

We have created an extensive Video Library to help guide you through different stages and many processes within your CRM. These videos provide step by step instructions for the features you are going to use. To begin the process, just simply select ‘Manage Expense’ from the ‘Invoice Automation’ menu. We placed an icon on your […]

Activity Sets. How to create and apply a set of activities to your leads, opportunities and customers.

May 26, 2015

We added a new video into Web3Box Video Library that explains how easy is to create and apply Activity Sets to your leads, opportunities or clients. One of the most used functionality within a crm is “Add Activity”. An activity can be a phone call, a meeting reminder, an email to be sent or anything […]

How to add activities to Leads or Customers

April 14, 2015

We added a new video under the Web3Box CRM video gallery. Video explains how to add activities under a Lead or a Customer record and how the activity displays into the calendar. Some examples of what and activity can be: – Phone calls – Emails – Tasks – Appointments – Campaign Response – Service Activity […]

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