Roadmap 2017

W3B Roadmap 2017

W3B will continue to evolve throughout 2017.
Here are the major updates that are planned for 2017.


  • RTL (Right to Left) release
  • A full rebuild for the Opportunities interface and a new Opportunity Report
  • The top menu will be displayed based on the PM, CRM, and/or Invoicing modules. This update will simplify the user interface.
  • Enrollment process improvements. This will help new users through a wizard for the enrollment process. It will also contain a short video intro for each of the sections.


  • Enrollment process improvements will continue throughout April.
  • Add Employees – invitation process.


  • A better system to manage notifications. This will be for all notifications – projects / task, invoices, and leads or clients.


  • View Leads/Clients, several UI/UX updates
  • Enrollment process improvements – production server update


  • Analytics: logs, tracking history, module engagement.


  • Credit Card transactions,


  • Activity screens, UI/UX updates – Convert Quote to a Project & Tasks. Similar with the way we convert an opportunity into a Project. Some other updates will be done for the Quote screens.
  • Referral program
  • Points and Rewards


  • Push notifications, Notify your team
  • News notifications based on the module(s) , like PM, CRM, INV
  • Letters template UI/UX improvements


  • API update, this is for the Invoicing modules
  • Braintree API integration, this is for the Invoicing module
  • Social Media widgets feed


  • QuickBooks API updates
  • A better experience for those using QB to retrieve products, clients, and invoices.
  • Cosmetics updates