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Is the system free for 1 user?

Yes, the system is free for the 1 user. We want you to explore the system and feel comfortable with it. No time limit. For additional users, the cost starts from $10 per user per month.

What are the main advantages of W3B Management Solutions?

  1. 3 Management Solutions in one place for one price: CRM + PM + Invoice.
  2. We are willing to customize or improve the functionality based on your needs, or based on your suggestions.
  3. 1 user gets free access. We love you to explore the system and be sure that is good for your organization.

How much does the W3B cost?

W3B is free for 1 user, then the monthly subscription starts from $10/seat/month. For price details, click here

Is W3B available for my mobile device?

Yes. You can use the W3B app on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. See the links below:

Click here for Apple store, W3B app download.

Click here for Google store, W3B app download.

W3B supports multiple languages?

Yes. W3B supports multiple languages.

What is the difference between Basic, Advanced and Premium Edition?

Basic Edition is limited to 50K records per Company / Organization.

Advanced Edition allows you unlimited records, more features and more file storage.

Premium Edition has all the features and additional custom modules.

For full pricing details, see our W3B Pricing page.

Is my data stored in separate databases?

Yes, we store your data in individual databases.

Is there a way that a tech who has been assigned a Task can view others who have also been assigned Tasks on the same Project?

Yes, this can be done, by adding the tech to the subscribers list for that task.

How to delete a list of contacts I imported?

From the top menu: CRM/Sales -> Contacts -> Import icon -> Click on the list -> Select delete.

All imported contacts (from the imported list) will be deleted and you can repeat the process.

This is a video explaining the process: https://youtu.be/MWrF4uDLCXA

Do you have a discounted monthly membership for nonprofits/501(c)3?

Yes, we do. Please send us an email or use the contact form https://www.w3bcrm.biz/contact-us/. Include the details of your organizations and what are your needs from the CRM/PM/Invoicing.