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Web3Box CRM – Google Calendar synchronization

December 17, 2015

We just added a new feature in the CRM Calendar (SFA -> Calendar) – synchronization with Google Calendar. There are few easy steps to have this set and is supposed that you already have set a Google account. Once you decide to synchronize your Google Calendar activities with Web3Box CRM, you have just few steps […]

Add/edit Employee in Web3Box

August 28, 2015

Employees are a vital part of any company and organization. The feature within the Web3Box CRM is not just for adding basic information about the employees, but a more complex interface with many other elements. In order to add a new employee, go to ‘My Company’, then ‘Manage Employees. Click on the ‘Add Employee’ tab […]

Lead Funnel Management

August 21, 2015

Lead Funnel Management (LFM) helps your Sales people and your Sales managers to closely observe the sales process. When we talk about the sales process, we are talking about the flow of a Lead contacting the company, to the point when the Lead gets converted into a customer. Use the Lead Funnel Management system tool […]

Share lead in Web3Box CRM

August 18, 2015

Use the ‘Share’ function when you want to let other employees view and work with your Leads. This option is helpful if employees want to share the workload, or if someone has other information to add to the particular lead. They can quickly do this by following these easy steps. To access this function, go […]

View Invoices under Customers

August 16, 2015

Our CRM combines different interfaces for a simple, yet detailed working system. There are only few simple steps to be able to check on a particular customer and see the issued invoices; also, you view and edit those invoices. To view your Customers’ orders, go to ‘Salesforce Automation’, then ‘Customers & Reports’. Select your Customer […]

Schedule Emails by selecting Date, Time and Time Zone

July 17, 2015

Within Web3Box CRM a user can send emails to Contacts, Leads or Customers. We were asked to add a function that will schedule the emails. Why? because let’s say you leave for a vacations and during this time some emails have to be sent. For this reason we have a added a brand new feature we […]

Web3Box CRM – Territory Management

June 14, 2015

If you are a company that has employees with customers and clients spread throughout the country, then the following article may be beneficial for you. A great visual feature has been added to the CRM, regarding territories. The setup takes just a few minutes, following these simple steps. To define ‘Territory rules’, you must first define territories. […]

Web3Box CRM – Convert Contacts to Leads

June 11, 2015

In general, when someone starts to use the CRM, they upload and/or add contacts. That is usually the starting point, the initial step to start working with the CRM. In that case, if that contact is moving forward with your proposal, or whatever the next step would be in your company, then they become a […]

Importing your Leads is made easy with your Web3Box CRM

May 30, 2015

Don’t be afraid of having an huge amount of leads, you can easy import them in our CRM.   The video below gives you step by step instructions on how to do the import.      If you are a company that handles a few to a few hundred (even thousands) of leads, rather than […]

Create an Email Campaign to stay in touch with your contacts

May 28, 2015

Create an Email Campaign to stay in touch with your contacts; easily notify them with any news or updates you may have for them. With just a few easy steps to follow, first go to “Marketing Automation”, then ‘Newsletters’. You will click on the ‘List Campaigns’ tab. On this screen, enter a name for the […]

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